On Narcissus

No, not that Narcissus, this Narcissus. The flower. The daffodil.

I’m in love with daffodils right now. They’re everywhere. They’ve burst forth, like tiny Springtime fireworks in sprays of yellow, orange and green.

But that’s not all – they come in all sorts of sizes and color variations. Small, pale, fluffy, plain, bright, windswept; in all combinations of yellow, orange and white. Put a bunch of them together (thanks, Mom), they make a lovely bouquet.

Besides being such perfectly hopeful signs of Spring, I think I am also drawn to the shape of the flower and its uniqueness. And they way it reminds me of that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I want to bite into one. Crunch. Crunch. Nom.

(FYI, “The daffodil that Gene Wilder eats at the end of the pure imagination song was not made of rice paper or anything nice it was made out of wax, that he had to chew and then spit out when the camera stopped rolling.” Thanks, moviemistakes.com.)

The beautiful little island of Nantucket even has a whole Festival for the flower. Those Nantucketers know where it’s at.

What is your favorite sign of Spring?

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