Top Ten Problems with Christmas

Lately I have a love-hate relationship with this holiday. Some of the reasons why:

10. People who wear santa hats.
9. Office gift swaps. So much pressure. So clearly not something i need on my plate.
8. Fruitcake.
7. Bad music. The same bad music, over and over again.
6. The fact that the Christmas specials are all shown during the week of Thanksgiving, so when I actually want to see them (NOW) they’re nowhere to be found.
5. People who put santa hats on their babies.
4. Teacher and student envy (as in, “I wish I was a teacher or a student so I could have more than one flippin’ day off”).
3. My mother gets so stressed out. (and because i am turning into my mother, it is beginning to wear on me too.)
2. People who put santa hats on their dogs or other pets (in general, santa hats are a problem when they’re not on SANTA.)
1. These things.

Maybe tomorrow i’ll be in a more positive mood and i’ll make a list of things i like about Christmas. But don’t count on it.

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