I said Yes

Titling this post just so makes me giggle. My friend Melissa recently titled a post the same, but for a vastly different reason.

Today I accepted a job at the New England Fishery Management Council. The acceptance came after a long and harrowing decision-making process enflamed by the fact that this job is not near the place where I have resided in the past four-point-five years (that place being Cape Cod). After spending much of my 20s living in places up and down the eastern seaboard for stints ranging from 4 months to less than two years, I feel finally settled on this sandy spit of land. Then there’s this.

I got into fisheries science because it seemed to combine my interests in fish and food issues – and because fisheries are glorious, historical, complicated, messy, amazing, important things. The Council is at the crux of the issues behind managing fisheries, and to turn down a job there seems foolish. I know I will learn a ton.

The upside of the job being in a place other than Cape Cod is that it is in a place I have always loved: Newburyport, MA. It is a beautiful North Shore “city” surrounded by farmland and a stone’s throw from another city I love, Portsmouth. I am excited about getting to know the area better while keeping my connections to this sandy spit I’ve grown to love.

The office is in gorgeous old mill building with huge windows and guess what? We’re allowed to bring our dogs to work! :)

I’ll be setting up a place up there sometime around the end of July. Stay tuned.

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