• "Surprisingly Cute"

    Oct 9, 02:19 PM

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    Um, I’ll say.

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  • How a Trawl Works

    Oct 2, 03:27 PM

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    So a month ago (yes, I am extremely punctual) Brian sent me a link to this google earth photo asking, “what are those trails behind [the boats]? Is that engine exhaust? I’m assuming these are trawlers? Could this be something being kicked up from the nets?”

    He suggested I blog the questions, should I ever get around to answering them. So here we go. This is a generic sketch...

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  • List the Wolffish?

    Oct 2, 11:53 AM

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    The Cape Cod Times has an article today about listing the Atlantic Wolffish, Anarhichus lupus. While concerns about the population of this tasty bycatch are not unfounded, more research is needed before placing the species on the ESL creates more regulations on the already tightly-controlled trawl fleet. This stock is characterized as “data poor” by NOAA Fisheries, who has characterized it as a species of concern (pdf, sorry)...

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  • Commercial Fisheries News Article

    Aug 29, 11:33 AM

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    My thesis project was featured in the August edition of Commercial Fisheries News. Click here to read the article.

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